Intellectual Property

Franchise is our typical in this field, which we have consulted for many popular franchise systems in Vietnam.

We have comprehensive practical experience in protecting, exploiting and maximizing commercial returns from their valuable intellectual property assets. On the enforcement front, our team has acted on behalf of several clients to deal with emerging IP issues related to their products, services and trademarks.

Corporate & Investment

With a deep understanding of the law and business environment in Vietnam, we support our clients at every stage of the growth of their businesses.

We understand that time is a valuable asset for every business, so we use our best to update, follow and coordinate to meet promptly all the work required from our clients.


We understand that the labor issues are usually complex and sensitive. Therefore, our goal is to consult and support our clients to build a clear and sustainable labor relationship to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

When labor disputes arise, our lawyers are experts in mediation to help clients reach favorable judgments from the competent Court.

Real Estate

The real estate sector continues to bring many opportunities yet being dynamic and fragile because of the complexity and rapidly changing of legal regulations

With our background in legal, along with in-depth knowledge in development history and incomplete land records, we handle all matters related to all types of real estate in Vietnam.

Dispute Settlement

We understand that dispute always costs.  Thus, we always seek to mitigate risk and avoid disputes at the beginning to minimize the time and cost for our clients.

However, should it occur to the latter, our lawyers work closely with our clients and competent authorities to achieve the favorable and speedy judgment for our clients.